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Irene VanRyckeghem

Holistic Healer and Spiritual Advisor


Irene is a HSP (Highly Sensitive Person) with natural, deep insight, wisdom and intuition. She was born to extremely unfortunate and catastrophic circumstances, facing many serious odds against her she found it all to be a great opportunity to use her unique gifts to persevere and heal herself. She chose to embrace it as a rite of passage, through the dark night of the soul, to gain essential life skills and heal from profound and severe PTSD, acute dissociative disorder, low self-esteem, an eating disorder and poor boundary keeping from never been raised up as a child. In the journey of healing all of these deep issues and developing herself as a whole individual as her number one priority in her most sincere heart, she devotedly prayed throughout her life that she would one day get to be in service to others with all she has learned.


Irene first became interested in healing with massage at the age of just 4 years old. She had a strong desire to touch injuries of those around her. She practiced all of her life and eventually followed that desire by gaining her certification at the honored holistic massage therapy/mystery school, School of Alternative Healthcare, in Chico, CA in 2003. She has been practicing massage professionally ever since in her own private practice. Irene received during the time she attended massage school regular treatment and apprenticeship in shamanism with vocal toning and energy-healing under her bio-energetic therapist, Jo Mardian of Omni Touch from 2004-2007, also in Chico, CA. She always carries with her the teaching from School of Alternative Healthcare – "You cannot assist others to heal themselves until first you have healed yourself."


Irene's journey then led her to gain certification and atonement for reading the Akashic Records/the Book of Life taught by the master Ernesto Ortiz of Journey to the Heart in 2006, also in Chico, CA. This amazing tool is one that she holds most dear and uses very regularly.  With the desire to go then even deeper she was led to be assisted by highly qualified shamans in numerous ceremonies using medicine plants for over three years in 2011-2013. During that time, she also met with qualified mentors to develop life skills which were never handed to her in childhood, and she worked with psychotherapists to heal her PTSD. She worked very hard and with all of her might every day to find her way from being very lost to finally found.


In 2013 she was told by her psychotherapist that she had successfully healed both the PTSD and the dissociative disorder, all without medication! Originally, the diagnoses were so profound it was said by the professionals worked with that it would take 15 to 20 years to heal. It took Irene just 3 years to do so from the time she began with plant medicine and psychotherapy! It was in that time that her self-esteem issues and eating disorder had also healed. She still sought greater awareness and was led to the teachings of Guru Narayana Baba, from the lineage of Babaji. After working closely, he set her free from his teachings two years later and declared, "You are a bright shining sun and you do not need me."


Currently, Irene continues to grow with the ebb and flow of life. She is consistently evolving as a human, and she works to become more and more her best Self each day while living the truth that no matter how far she comes she is and always will be a work in progress. Her journey is truly rich. She is awakened, empowered, present, stable, with deep integrity she keeps strong, clear and healthy boundaries and has healthy, fulfilling relationships.

Irene is an instrument of what will always be, is and has always been. After persevering and overcoming such great obstacles she is emerged whole and lives a meaningful life using her experience and gifts as a vessel of higher power to assist others to heal themselves as well. Irene is blessed to have the gift to see the big picture which she uses along with her modalities of Certified Clinical Hypnotherapy, Certified Spiritual Counseling and Certified Holistic Massage Therapy. This is coupled with her vast experience to offer wise, useful and insightful knowledge as she is personable, connected, compassionate, warm and sharp. In her powerful empathy she cares for all of life so deeply! It is her greatest joy to offer her gifts to those who are called to her for assistance in realizing their highest Truth. Irene finds the deepest honor in being a part of the greatest journey of all for her clients... the journey to Oneself!

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