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Irene is gifted with the ability of Divination as a part of the Certified Spiritual Counseling that she offers to channel information from beings of higher levels of consciousness. The information that comes through is often life changing.

The hopes and aspirations of humanity are made possible by the higher mind. Often the higher mind is inspired by beings of higher consciousness that hold light, love and truth for humanity. Irene began in 2007 when Venus, the Goddess came to her through a Divine unfoldment, where she realized she was capable of connecting, hearing and sharing Divine expressions. Irene is aware as a clear and present channel that there is ultimately only One God that has created many higher expressions of love and light. Irene is happy to share what comes through and is also aware that these beings are not to be placed above any of us and are not to be worshiped but to be connected to as allies. 

Above the Clouds
Above the Clouds


The benefits of receiving Irene's Channelings are vast and include peace of mind, resolution, personal awareness, evolution, expansion, healing and deep connection. One must just be willing to receive with an open mind and heart.


With the information shared one will find that they are being offered revelations of life and its meaning. These revelations are meant to guide the path to deepening into the heart of God. All information shared is only to the highest and best of the individual and the individual is always encouraged to only take what works for them and to leave anything that does not work behind. Irene's channeling is not intended to change minds, or beliefs but only to add to and support what the individual chooses for themselves. What is shared that resonates is the truth to take in and anything that does not resonate is not meant for the induvial. It is not often that anything will not resonate and still it is important to inform everyone that Irene is not looking for followers and is a human being like the rest of us, who in no way wishes to be put on any pedestal for her gifts. She gives all glory to God.

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