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"Irene, in my experience is a beautiful, open and loving individual whose healing techniques and methodologies helped me through the most traumatic time of my life. Through our chosen practices, I feel like I did years of traditional therapy in less than a year with Irene. She always approached me and my healing journey with compassion, empathy and kindness. I'm so glad I found her at the point in my life when I needed her help the most!"

Amanda A.

Government Contractor

"I have received many sessions from Irene and each one has been unique and very helpful to my healing and growth. She has the ability to see the things you are hiding from yourself and target and remedy them with the precision of a surgeon and the gentleness of a mother with a little child. The style of healing is all her own, using a combination of energy healing, and spiritual psychology with insightful and intuitive wisdom and the feeling that whatever is needed to be released and expressed is in a safe, loving and accepted environment. The first healing I received from Irene has sustained its effect till this day having clarified a confusion within me that was never recognized until I met her and was attended to and solved instantly within one session, this issue has never returned. She is a very loving and perceptive healer who will give her undivided attention to whatever it is you truly need, and no session is ever the same. I highly recommend Irene for your healing needs."

Alexander G. 

Professional Musician

"I have gone to many healers, but Irene is different, she is the real deal and such a lovely, beautiful soul inside out. She is so accurate and has a true intuitive knowing of what your soul needs to hear. She is professional but with a magical touch of timeless messages for your body, mind and spirit. Worth many visits!"

Hermine B.

Owner of Atmani Tours

"Irene is the best! I've received multiple services from her, including spiritual counseling, hypnotherapy, and Akashic Record readings. She's the first person I think of for all my healing needs. Her work is amazing and the various gifts she shares in her caring manner are extremely beneficial, always leaving me better than I was. Irene's understanding and compassionate nature make opening up easy and allows the healing process to unfold almost magically. I consider myself blessed to have found her! She's intuitive and unique in her ability to blend so many different healing abilities that I feel no matter what kind of session I've booked, I get deeper insight into my physical, emotional, and spiritual needs. She has been so helpful in my healing and growth - I can't thank her enough! I've recommended her to many of my family and friends, and they all love her! Thank you, Irene!"

Carolina K.

Freelance Artist & Writer

"There are body workers and massage therapists who are highly skilled and trained, and will give you an amazing massage and then there are rare, gifted healers such as Irene, who in addition to all that, understand your body on an energetic level, and are able to "listen" to exactly what it needs, and find just the right spots, with just the perfect pressure, to release huge amounts of stress and tightness, leaving you feeling healed, relieved, opened and transformed. Irene is one of those healers. If you get the chance to get a session with her, you should not hesitate. She is simply on a whole other level."

 Chris B. 

Google Employee

"I have received Hypnotherapy with Irene that has been life changing. She has a gentle and heart-centered approach to her work. A real gem."

Kimberly K

Holistic Physician

"Irene is a talented healer who gives 100% in her work. She helped me clear some stuck stored energy/trauma and feel relaxed in my body. Thanks Irene!"

Rowan R.

Project Manager

"Irene has been our go-to body work therapist for years and she never fails to amaze at her ability to connect and work through deep tensions that build up between sessions. Prior to Irene, I believed I needed to endure a lot of pain to break through the knots, but she has taught me that a skilled healer can both make the experience one of extreme pleasure while having the lasting impact of relief well beyond the day of the session. Trying Irene once is all it takes to set the course for years of commitment to her healing touch!"

Eric L.

Attorney at Law

"I have been blessed to work with Irene in multiple modalities, including massage, hypnotherapy, and spiritual counseling with Akashic Readings. She helped my son and I through a very difficult time. I have recommended her to multiple family and friends, and she always got rave reviews. Book her now and you will not be disappointed. We all need support in these crazy times and Irene has some amazing tools with a beautiful open heart to back them up."

John A

Private Pilot

"Irene has incredible healing hands and as such a warm and loving presence. She has helped me with intense physical pain dozens of times and saved me from enormous suffering!! I give her my highest of recommendations!"

Jessica S.

Family and Marriage Therapist

"Irene has a gift of healing energy and magic hands. She really is in tune with what the body, soul and person is in need of to get aligned and feeling great. I highly recommend her!"

Lisa B

Interior Designer, Author and Coach

"Irene is a wonderfully skilled healer. She combines traditional bodywork such as deep-tissue massage with an extensive background in spiritual energy work to find where your body and mind need attention and deliver it. I have experienced several forms of healing with Irene, including table massage and Hypnotherapy, and have always felt deeply cared for, held and elevated afterwards. Irene is a blessing - book a session with her the first chance you get!"

Erik B

Graphic Designer and Consultant

"I cannot say enough about Irene and her intuitive, healing hands! She has saved me from my body pain multiple times throughout many years of my career as a hairstylist. Irene magically rid me of a debilitating pinched nerve in my neck, ever so gently and with the utmost love and patience. She is a necessity in my life and I have come to love her work dearly."

Krista S.


"Irene is an amazing intuitive healer. She has helped my life and trajectory with her work. I highly recommend working with her."

Krista B.

"I had a few sessions of Akashic Record Readings with Irene and I found out why things are the way that they are in my life. The whole process was an interesting experience that gave me the assurance that everything is working out for me the way it is supposed to and that I shouldn't be worried about my future. She is a great listener and I felt understood. After the session, I couldn't wait for the next one because I had so many questions that I was hoping to get answers to. I got answers to all my questions and working with her enriched my life."

Uros B.


"Irene is one of the best people that I know. She is not only an excellent massage therapist, but also intuitive and quite professional. Choosing her is you telling yourself that you are worth it!"

Laurie S.


"Irene has many, many gifts, my favorite is her loving compassion and the desire to help people on very deep spiritual levels. My desire is for many others to recognize and utilize these gifts for the good of all. Thank you for your service, Irene!"

Roberta G.


“Irene is a gift to humanity. She has taken me through my Akashic Records on several occasions. In each instance, her ability to translate the fullness of the energetic message through voice and words always delivers encouragement & insight. Even more, however, is that she both cares with her entire being and is gentle. This type of truth spoken into my life sheds light on the darkest corners of my mind & emotions. I’ve had much personal & relational healing thanks to Irene.”
Jason K.
Account Rep.

"Irene has always been a guiding light for people around her. She seems to care about everybody as if they are family. She has helped me in the past to understand myself and accept me for me while striving to be better. She has healed my body with massage (she is strong)! She has helped me with thorough and thoughtful, healthy guidance. I am grateful for her!"

Russel B.

Wood worker

"The point in my life when I met Irene my work and money were such a stress and concern that I worked myself into a physical disability. One day I woke up to work a double at the restaurant, except I couldn't move. I couldn't lift my neck. Even the idea of going to a massage or spa was unimaginable. I couldn't sit up without getting nauseous or without feeling like I was going to pass out. My roommate called a friend who was unavailable for mobile massage but who also recommended Irene. It was 8pm and she would have to drive an hour to my house, but this gem heard a "YES!" from Source and drove to help me. The chain of events and synchronicities were nothing short of a miracle. So, she started the massage very professionally and I thought things were going well but she stopped, touched my shoulder, and in the kindest voice said "I can keep massaging you, but I don't think it will really help the issue. Please understand, this is really hard to say to someone, but this pain is emotional and if you don't talk about some deeper things this pain isn't going to go away." The following conversation led me to a catharsis, a cleansing and an understanding that changed my life for the better. I will not get into the intricacies here, but I want to encourage you to seek your own healing whether it be a reading (The Akashic Records have helped me in so many tough times), Hypnotherapy (which helped with my inner-child work) or energy work (helped me face my fears). Irene is honest, powerful and a beacon of hope when it comes to navigating the chaos. I am forever grateful of receiving from Irene. She still helps me on a regular basis to continue my growth and shadow work to heal and embrace myself and truth. If you are reading this, this is not a coincidence. You are ready and can step into your power at any time and Irene is the perfect guide for your journey.

Lauren A.


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