Irene's Holistic Modalities for Healing & Growth

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Meet Irene VanRyckeghem

Irene is a highly in-tune, gifted and experienced student and teacher of healing and personal growth. Her highest priority in life is to continually grow and persevere throughout all of life's challenges. She has triumphed over unthinkable odds with the one desire to be able to be in service to others with all the vast understandings and teachings she has come to learn and embody. She regularly practices healing on herself first to be an example for self-realization. It is her greatest joy to come full circle and help other's grow into their highest potential.


To know Thyself is the highest Truth. This journey is the greatest journey of all.

The Gift of Health & Presence

Being in a strong state of physical health allows one to be present. The present moment is the eternal gift of life; living from there brings the highest potential being. 

Healthier Relationships

The gift of reciprocity in vulnerability where healthy boundaries are held and kept is the greatest opportunity to know and be love.

Improved Sense of Well-Being

Growing into One's potential and receiving the blessings of self-improvement brings the deepest sense of soul satisfaction and fulfillment overall. To take responsibility for our lives means true happiness.

Mental Clarity

To have a clear mind by thinking from the mind and heart as one is to lead a life filled with purpose, joy and grace.


All of life is essentially One. Being in awareness of this is truly living. A deep sense of empathy for all of life is the vessel that allows for this experience.

“Yesterday I was clever so I wanted to change the world.

Today I am wise so I am changing myself.” - Rumi